×       Taking into consideration the new rules regarding privacy, sensitive or personal data starting from 25 may 2018 and the obligations regarding Heyadoo Global Services to comply with General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), the access on the platform has been suspended for a short period of time. Several sections or features which are processing sensitive personal data may have functions or buttons deactivated throughout implementation of the necessary solutions.
      Going over all this, users can be added by the platform’s administrator for purposes of adding content, checking the functionality of the site, to experiment with moderation if they want to. If you read this and go ahead, you are agreeing that for a short period of time to activate on the platform without all necessary GDPR implementations. (the essential parts of user rights and privacy principles are still in construction) First authentication is considered as an agreement on your part.
New features to come:

Inform button

Suggestions Screen

Share in other social media networks

Banned Categories

Automatic targets search

Targets Screen

Second level keywords

Anticipative Ads

Search by distance

Price comparisons





Heyadoo Roadmap

Virtual Office  

Compensation Plan

Extra Ads Spaces

GET BIG packages

Prepaid Card

KYC Compliance Procedure

Public Comments and feedbacks

Business Office

Partners with Discounts(cashback)

Health,Education,NGOs, Sport, Culture Partnerships

Booking Platform 



Stay tuned!

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